About Us

How to Vote Smokers' Rights

We are running candidates in all states except Victoria. To support your rights to not be taxed and harassed by the nanny state, just put one above the line on the Senate ballot paper in the following groups.

  • NSW: Group "W"
  • QLD: Group "AI"
  • TAS: Group "U"
  • SA: Group "Z"
  • WA: Group "A"

Welcome to the Australian Smokers' Rights Party.

We believe Australian smokers have been unfairly targeted by all major political parties with excessive taxation, restrictions on smoking, restrictions on cigarette retailing, and plain packaging legislation. No major party, Labor, Liberal or the Greens, has stood up for smokers and none seem likely to in the foreseeable future.

We feel the only option is to enter the political arena ourselves and give a voice to the over 20% of Australians who are smokers.

We are standing candidates in all states for the 2013 Federal Election, but we are very short on campaigning funds. Any donations would be appreciated. You can donate via PayPal at:

Alternatively, we accept direct debit donations to the following account:

BSB: 062340
Account No: 10484338

Donations up to $1500 are fully tax deductable. Anyone who donates the full tax deductable amount of $1500 will become an honourary life member. Thank you for your support.