• 4 Things That Can Harm Your Teeth 

    We have several unhealthy habits that can harm our teeth and for keeping their health, there is so little that is included in our routine. We don’t visit orthodontists adelaide often, we smoke, eat foods that cause plague, and most commonly don’t brush right. Our brush is frayed, sugary foods are incessant that erode the […]

  • How to quit smoking: tips and tricks

    How to quit smoking: tips and tricks smoking hurts, costs a lot of money and cancels other pleasures in life, such as flavors and smells. The truth is, quitting smoking is really difficult. So difficult that, according to global statistics, most DIY attempts fail. In fact, many people have an extreme difficulty in saying goodbye […]

  • Usa, experts from the Moffit Cancer Center in defense of the electronic cigarette

    So begins an intervention published today in the Tampa Bay Times and signed by five members of the Tobacco Research & Intervention Program of the Moffit Cancer Center and Research Institute of Tampa, Florida, one of the most important tobacco research teams in the United States. “Put together – Thomas Brandon, Vani Simmons, Damon Vidrine, […]