Tell them they're dreaming!

In a recent speech to the Senate, Labor Senator John Faulkner suggested that the government should disallow tax breaks from films which include smoking. One such film which would be disqualified is the Australian classic, “The Castle”. Not only does Darryl Kerrigan enjoy a cigarette throughout the entire scene of his first meeting with Lawrence Hammill QC, but also receives an ashtray from his son and has a “Marlboro” sponsored racing helmet in the pool room.

So according to the Australian Government minister films featuring murder, such as Wolf Creek, would continue to receive funding, whereas if someone happens to partake in the completely legal activity of lighting up a cigarette on screen, that would be enough to disqualify that film from tax breaks.

Smoking is a legal activity that doesn't cause violence, yet the government sees it as worse than murder. The Australian Smokers' Rights Party calls for moderate sensible government policy, that doesn't victimise smokers and support organised crime through excessive taxes on legal cigarettes.