Politicians are not the messiah, they're just very naughty boys (and girls).

We got a mention in the Australian Medical Observer. It's a silly article that goes on more about Monty Python than actually making substantive points, but we've included a reply below the article.

There are many leisure activities that people enjoy, from motor racing to mountain climbing. Both of these activities can be quite deadly, the bodies that litter the path to the peak of Everest are ample evidence of this. However, we do not have a "motor racing tax" or a "mountain climbing tax". There is no good reason to target smokers.

The government is not there to protect us from ourselves. Going down that path would lead to a very boring life indeed.

The Smokers' Rights Party focuses on allowing (but not forcing) private property owners such as pubs and clubs to permit smoking on their property, under the terms and conditions they see fit so long as all the patrons and workers are over 18. In a free democratic society we allow adults to take risks, whether for fun or profit.

We also support the right of smokers to quit or reduce their smoking, including access to whatever aids are on the market, such as patches or electronic cigarettes. We are not a tobacco industry lobby group. We acknowledge that smoking can be very damaging to health, and have on interest in disputing the many studies that have shown this. However, it is up to adults to make decisions about their own health, not the government.

Politicians are not the messiah. They do not have fantastic insight into what we enjoy and what health costs we're willing to bear for that enjoyment. Whether it's mountain climbing, motor racing or smoking, in a free society, that is up to individuals to decide, not the government.