4 Things That Can Harm Your Teeth 

We have several unhealthy habits that can harm our teeth and for keeping their health, there is so little that is included in our routine. We don’t visit orthodontists adelaide often, we smoke, eat foods that cause plague, and most commonly don’t brush right. Our brush is frayed, sugary foods are incessant that erode the gumline, break down enamel and form cavities and many serious diseases such as gingivitis and oral cancer. A healthy diet, brushing twice, flossing more often and no use of sugar can enhance the lifetime of our teeth. Although there are innumerable things that we do that damages our teeth, let’s dive into the reasons that can do more harm than anything else. 

Chewable vitamins

Now, this is something you would have never thought can cause damage to your body as they are designed to do otherwise. Vitamins are vital for health and fulfill the deficiency of bodies in the form of pills, chewable, and frequently dissolved tablets.  Whereas the pills and tablets are easily soluble and easy to digest are healthy, the chewable ones have a notorious reputation for your local pool. They tend to have a stick and sugary nature which clings to the crevices of the teeth, giving more time to the cavity-causing bacteria to hang out and excavate cavities. So taking vitamins in pill form would upkeep your oral health. 

Swimming Pool waters 

People run to take a shower after dipping in the pool to save their hair and skin from the excessive amount of chlorine present in the pool water but they don’t know that this can also cause damage to their oral health. The pool water has chemical additives like chlorine and antimicrobials that raises the pH of water more than your saliva. The high level of acidity can cause tooth sensitivity and brown tartar under your teeth. If you can’t keep yourself out of the water, make sure you use mouthwash after swimming to evade the long exposure of chlorine onto your teeth. 

Brushing right after meals

Well, your parents would always have told you to brush your teeth after every meal but this advice is inadequate. The foods such as coffee, carbonated drinks, or citrus fruit acidify the pH levels of your mouth and make the teeth and their enamel soft, brushing these soft teeth can erode the enamel thus causing more harm than good. The dentists recommend brushing your teeth at least 30 minutes after having a meal, giving your teeth the time to remineralize the enamel, and rebuffer the saliva to save the coating from the scratchy effects of brushing. 

Aggressive Brushing 

Anything that goes beyond the limits is not good, the same goes for your oral health. Brushing twice is highly recommended by dentists, but brushing right is something you should learn yourself. People making to and fro movements on their teeth cause more harm to them than good. The aggressive movements can erode the enamel of the teeth. The right way is to make soft circular motions, covering the inner and outer parts of every tooth is vital for your teeth health. This will allow the brush to reach the place where the plague or cavities can form. Plus a brush is critical in keeping your oral health, it must have soft bristles and should be renewed every three months.