Five Benefits of Emergency Chairs

Sometimes, the evacuation of a victim can be so urgent that you have no time to shift him from one carrier to another. Similarly, cases involving immediate medical attention can create the need to have an emergency chair around.

Emergency chairs are used to handle most emergency cases and to move a patient or a victim from one location to another as quickly as possible.

You should not wait until a disaster strikes before you can think of getting an emergency stretcher at your place. It should just be on standby and ready to provide the services.

Here are some of the advantages of having an emergency chair on standby:

Reasons to have an emergency chair

  • Simple to use

An emergency chair is very easy to use and saves a lot of time during an emergency case. The guidelines for setting it are clear and can be accomplished using basic components that you probably know. You do not need to be highly skilled to use an emergency chair.

  • Highly flexible

You can pass at almost any place with an emergency chair even on staircases. It can quickly be folded or made into a shape that can pass in narrow openings with ease. This means that you can pass almost anywhere with the patient lying on top of the emergency chair and this can be helpful especially when you have no one to assist you to carry the patient.

  • Convenience

As discussed above, an emergency chair can be quickly moved from one place to another, regardless of the condition of those places. Thus, you will get to your destination in time and even end up saving a life. Remember that a minute you save on the way can just be the determining factor between the life and death of the patient.

  • Durable

Since emergency chairs are used on different kinds of surfaces, they are generally made durable to withstand all the underlying obstacles as they move along. For instance, the tyres are made of tough rubber and metal that cannot break easily or even feel the pressure from a patient/victim. The overall strength of the emergency chair can support the very heavyweight of patients. Thus, you should always look for a more durable emergency chair in the market that can last for many years.

  • Lifesaver

Last but not least, an emergency chair is considered to be a lifesaver. Carrying an unconscious patient is not an easy task, but an emergency chair will lessen your work and help you get to your destination as quickly as possible. Emergency chairs have been known to save hundreds of lives yearly by getting patients to a medical facility on time.

Now that you have all the essential benefits that you need to know about the emergency chairs, you can now embark on a shopping journey!

Limitations of emergency chairs

Expensive – they are quite expensive and you will need to be well-prepared to handle such costs. Alternatively, if you are buying it for a medical facility, you can start a fund-raising campaign and let the community help you however they can.

They do not apply to all patients –  patients with very special cases cannot sit on emergency chairs for hospitals because they may end up sustaining serious injuries from using such chairs. Hence, you will need to find another solution for such patients.