How do you know that you need to see a psychologist?

People in Brisbane that is struggling with mental health issues, emotional difficulties, and life challenges can benefit from seeing a Brisbane City psychologist. Doing so eases the signs and symptoms of a host of mental health issues.

Coping with the symptoms may not go right away but learning to cope with them is the best treatment availed from a Brisbane City psychologist. While some people resort to medication as a way of alleviating mental health conditions, therapy sessions with a psychologist have been seen to offer lasting benefits.

The coping skills learned from therapy sessions from a good psychologist help people long after the therapy end, making it possible to do away with further treatment.

Negative effects of untreated mental conditions

It is fairly common today for people to undergo mental health issues. Numerous studies have seen that a mental condition affects 1 out of 5 people with serious mental issues in a ratio of 1 in 25 people.

Yet, this finding also discovered that only 40% of people affected with mental conditions seek help. Thinking that it’s unnecessary to consult a psychologist can lead to mental problems, to include:

  • Suicide
  • Inability to go to school or work
  • Higher risk of acquiring other serious health conditions
  • Difficulty in raising or taking care of children
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Hospitalisation

Suicide has become an alarming cause of death with people between the ages of 10 and 34. Mental health issues are the top reasons for people to die by suicide.

Why therapy is needed

The stigma of consulting a psychologist is the top reason for people to avoid seeing a psychologist. However, it is recommended for people to seek the help of a psychologist for reasons such as:

  • Emotional and mental concerns that significantly affect life’s daily function and activities
  • Coping mechanisms for life challenges such as family struggles, grief, parenting difficulties, couple counselling, breakups, and more.

Therapy is the best way to help people cope when they feel overwhelmed by the daily challenges of living. Ways to cope, ways to learn about feelings, and finding the reasons behind the feelings are things that are helped by therapy sessions with a psychologist.

Situations that need therapy

You might take some time to think about whether therapy is for you. The struggle you’re experiencing right now may make you think to wait and see if support from family and friends, or time, or changes in the lifestyle might improve the situation.

However, therapy should be seriously considered when a part of your life causes distress issues such as:

  • You need an hour every day to think about coping with the issue
  • You avoid people because of the embarrassment caused by an issue
  • Decrease in the quality of life due to the issue
  • The negative effect of the issue towards relationships, work, and school
  • Development of new habits and changes as a way to cope with the issue

Therapy may reduce the effects of the interfering feelings and emotions that could overwhelm if not properly addressed. Getting help is recommended when the symptoms of mental issues become uncontrollable and cause potential harm to yourself or others.

Get in touch with Brisbane’s leading psychologist who offer either a free phone consultation or first visit for people that are still on the fence about therapy.