How to quit smoking: tips and tricks

How to quit smoking: tips and tricks
smoking hurts, costs a lot of money and cancels other pleasures in life, such as flavors and smells. The truth is, quitting smoking is really difficult. So difficult that, according to global statistics, most DIY attempts fail.

In fact, many people have an extreme difficulty in saying goodbye to cigarettes, because smoking is a real addiction . Yet just a little bit of strength and a lot of motivation to be able to stop.

How to curb this addiction? Let’s see some effective tips and tricks that will help you say goodbye to cigarettes.

What to know
The 24 hours since the last cigarette are certainly the most difficult to overcome. The desire, however, lasts only a few minutes, and it is possible to adopt different strategies to get distracted.

Everyone can fall into temptation again, it is part of the path of change and should not be discouraged. In fact, these are useful moments to get to know and better face critical moments.