Tips for buying medical chairs for your medical facility

When it comes to buying medical chairs just one type is not the best. In fact there are so many varieties of medical chairs available in the market these days that making a choice of an becomes tough. As a medical facility the focus should be on a chair which provides maximum comfort to the individuals who would be using it. Also the chair should be durable as well as easy to use for the staff members too.

Make sure you consider the following things before you purchase any sort of medical equipment

Things to consider before buying medical chairs

  • You need to go for a chair which offers maximum lumbar support. A medical chair which has ergonomic movement allows it to support the body throughout and also protects the curvature of the spine along with the posture. Most patients would be using these chairs are already facing some sort of medical issues and care must be taken that they should be completely comfortable while they are using the chair.
  • The chairs should come with the seat height which is easily adjustable. Most features pneumatic adjustment levers which are easy to use. It is important that the chair should come with the footrest and allow the person to feel relaxed while sitting on it.
  • Care should be taken that the seat doesn’t press at the back of the legs. It can directly compromise the comfort of the patient. The backrest should be such that there should be at least one to two inches between the back of the knees and the seat of the chair. It is also important for the backward tilt of the seat to be adjustable.
  • Choose a medical chair which supports the lower back the proper way. Since the lumbar spine has an inverted curvature if they are sitting in it for long periods without support it can lead to slouching and strain the lower spine. Most chairs have a lumbar adjustment so that each of the users can have a proper fit with the right support to the cover of the lower back. However it should be kept in mind that not all patients would require that support for the lower back. It is also important to ask the patient about their own comfort and then only make the adjustments.
  • The arm rests of the chair should be adjustable as well so that the users can rest comfortably and their shoulders can remain relaxed.
  • Last but not the least you should definitely consider the maneuverability of the chair. It should be kept in mind that a medical facility might have narrow hallways and would therefore require a chair which can be moved along with ease. The wheels on the medical chair should be such that the suitable around when in use and able to navigate the narrow pathways.

Make sure that you buy the medical chairs from a trusted supplier only. Also consider the above mentioned tips when you are about to buy one for your medical facility.